2020 Vision 


Thinking back to the end of 2010, when I was a fifteen year old writing poetry in my room, I remember I was going through a lot of change. From starting high school to trying to figure out what was next for me, I wasn't prepared for all the madness I would face coming into high school. Honestly 2011-2012 was a big blur for me. I went through a horrible breakup, my brother moved out of state, my mom was emotionally unavailable, I was in the middle of my family's turmoil, and all I had was myself. I have a few notebooks I kept filled with poems and songs from this time in my life. Who would have thought my outlet to escape became an outlet for others to heal. I never knew how much of an impact this music would have on some people's lives and how much of a reach it has made. I was always searching for a purpose and I now I feel it in my soul. Coming into 2020, I am ready to take my place as an artist with the purpose to make positive change in the world. Window is just the beginning. I hope you are ready!

before the show series