A Day In The Life

Back Story

Since Covid-19 hit back in March, life has never been the same. It has been difficult for me due to the fact that life has basically moved online, I could no longer work, shows have been canceled, and we are all focusing on trying to stay healthy. A lot has happened but I would just like to give a glimpse into what it is like to spend a day in my shoes. I tend to stay busy and try to keep pushing on even through tough times. So in the vlog, I take you through the day with me and give you a little inside on how we stay busy as independents. I have been helping my partner with his side project called Neighbor Services, which is a community focused entity. I have been investing more in my music and am excited to say that I can create most of my merch now independently! Excitingly I have been able to explore new opportunities as a person and as an artist. :)

Thank you for supporting my music!

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