1 A.M. releases second single "I Know" off her upcoming album Window Side B

I Know by 1 A.M. Single Cover

Listen to "I Know" here


1 A.M. releases the second single called "I Know" off her upcoming album Window Side B!

"When I wrote "I know" I was thinking about everything I've been through up to this point in my life. I used to think I was alone in my struggles and I used to have a "why me" mentality. Not guna lie, I used to be a negative minded person. (I'm not perfect and I am still working through it.) But as I grew older, I came to my senses that obviously I was not the only one dealing with the day-day bullsh*t and how it is simply is a part of life. The only thing I could change was my mindset and how I react to these things that will change the results. I started looking at others around me and trying to understand what they have to deal with as well. Ultimately, "I Know" is about how WE ALL are not alone in this messy life and WE ALL know what it feels like."

-1 A.M.


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