New Music: Winter Heat 2020 

Winter Heat


I am excited to announce this new project exclusively to my site subscribers! Coming to streaming sites later this year!


Behind The Music: 

Covid-19 hit a little after I had just dropped Window. The whole quarantine really killed the momentum we were on and honestly it broke my spirit a little. I was so stoked to perform and I had so many plans for this year. But I know that nothing is in our control. In the beginning of 2020, I was juggling Window and working on this side project called Winter Heat. It was supposed to be a fun side project for the summer. Honestly I wanted to release it in the beginning of June but that was when all the protesting was happening. It didn't feel right to drop it then due to more important matters. As we are coming into a second quarantine, I feel so tired of being down. So I want to send this project out to lift up your spirits. Remember that stress kills and weakens the immune system. But being joyful is so positively impacting for your health! Be sure to get plenty of sleep, keep a good diet, and exercise from dancing to this heat! ;p  


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