1 A.M.'s Winter Heat: Discovering the Fresh Music Wave of 2020

Album cover of Winter Heat by 1 A.M.

The Journey Behind 1 A.M.'s "Winter Heat" Album Release

The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for all of us, and for me, especially operating as the artist 1 A.M., it was no different. The onset of Covid-19 coincided with the release of my album, Window. The quarantine put a halt on the momentum we had been building, and to be honest, it took a toll on my spirit. Originally the project was supposed to release in June 2020 to kick off the summer but it was delayed to release in July. 

Exploring the Themes and Concepts of Winter Heat

I was expecting to have a fun summer. As I anticipated the release of my first album of 2020, Window, Winter Heat had been brewing in the background. With fun songs like Slide Through and Turn Around, I thought the summer was going to be lit. This was the first album I really explored auto-tune in a creative way like in songs like "Last Laugh" and "Like Woah". It was also an album I took more time with experimenting with "ear-candy" when mixing the album. All the beats were composed and produced by me as well, with more modern style tones. I usually tend the bounce around sub-genres within Hip Hop depending on what the music makes me feel and inspires me.

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Album: Winter Heat by 1 A.M. 
Release Date: July 31, 2020