Performing on Put The Needle On The Record live with Bill Jam

1 A.M. & Señor Gigio performing live on-air

Friday, May 17th, 2024 

Señor Gigio and I performed in-store for a special live radio show on Put The Needle To The Record with Billy Jam! The show was broadcasted live from inside Econo Records out in Oakland, CA. We got to perform all 3 songs from our latest collab Cali Bearers Vol. 2!

"WFMU is an Independent freeform radio broadcasting at 91.1 and 91.9 fm in New Jersey and New York City, and at 90.1 and 91.9 fm in the Hudson Valley, with gobs of online offerings!"

This was such a dope opportunity to not only share a special celebration of Billy Jam’s 40 years on radio, but also to be able to share our music all the way to the east coast!!

Listen to the show archive here.


Cali Bearers Vol. 2 is a bay area collaboration project with 1 A.M., Señor Gigio, and beats by Awkwa Vision. This is a follow-up to Cali Bearers Vol. 1, beats by Cloud N9ne; a beat-maker hailing from Japan!

Listen to the music here.