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1 A.M. Featured on 247HH

1 A.M. is featured on 247HH "Check Inn"

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"Official 247HH exclusive interview with Gilroy, California based Hip Hop artist/emcee, producer, engineer, and designer 1 A.M., where you’ll hear about how the Quarantine has impacted her life, the…

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Reels 1 - The Journey

I want to share small moments in my life during the process of my album making. Many of these little things are what make me who I am and  are what influence my music. This pandemic is rough on all…

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Hopes To Inspire

I have been very blessed with the opportunity to share a little of my story in the Gilroy Dispatch! I really hope to open some more opportunities for the local artists and musicians in Gilroy with this. I want to…

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What I've Been Up To...

Make It Official

After releasing Winter Heat I started shifting gears to focus on something that has been in the back of my mind since I started doing shows; starting my own business. With all the craziness happening this year…

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A Day In The Life

Back Story

Since Covid-19 hit back in March, life has never been the same. It has been difficult for me due to the fact that life has basically moved online, I could no longer work, shows have been canceled, and…

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