1 A.M. featured on Who'z Manz Interview

Who'z Manz with 1 A.M. Interview

"Just had a dope conversation with independent Femcee, producer, singer, video director, engineer, graphic designer, powerful live performer and all around dope human from Gilroy, CA named 1 A.M. Join me and John D…

1 A.M. Featured on the Hip Hop Self Podcast 

The Hip Hop Self Podcast Features 1 A.M.


The Hip Hop Self Podcast - Episode 12: 1 A.M.

The latest episode with the tremendously talented artist Its1amsomewhere. We speak about her journey from poetry to hip hop, music as therapy…

NotYaManz reviews 1 A.M.'s new album Window Side B!

Notyamanz - Window Side B Album Review

Yesterday night Notyamanz went live on Twitch and reviewed 1 A.M.'s new album Window Side B. He listened track by track and reviewed each separately. Overall he gave it the stamp of approval!

BAS Presents: Artists At Work

Breakaway Artist Society presents Artists At Work

Breakaway Artist Society presents "Artists At Work" which features independent artists and shares their experiences in the music game. Topics also include current events in the music industry such as new releases, controversies…

1 A.M. Featured on BayUndaground.com (2021)

Bay Undaground album review of Window

"On "Window" you'll hear peaceful and laid-back tracks with distinct hip-hop melodies that appear for instance on songs like "Time Zone" or "Story Of My Life". 1 A.M.'s lyrics are also soaked with metaphors…

1 A.M. Featured on 247HH

1 A.M. is featured on 247HH "Check Inn"

Watch Interview 1

"Official 247HH exclusive interview with Gilroy, California based Hip Hop artist/emcee, producer, engineer, and designer 1 A.M., where you’ll hear about how the Quarantine has impacted her life, the…