New Upcoming EP - Two Sides Of A Coin

Upcoming EP July 6th, 2022

1 A.M. & Angel

Note from 1 A.M.

"This album was very fun and challenging for me. Angel comes from a battle rap background and I am more of a storyteller type writer. We decided to do this EP to challenge ourselves and ultimately have fun creating good music. The mixing process for me was very challenging too because all the beats were two tracks and had a full range of frequencies to work around. The mastering process was more of a relief once I solidified the mixes! I also had fun creating the album cover because I have never really worked with designing metal coins in Photoshop. Thats what I love about this whole creation process for the album; from the writing to the final product I have learned new things along the way. Shout-out to Rocco for hooking me up with the software because if you didn't, we wouldn't have an album cover in time for release! Shout-out to Loud House where this album was recorded and I am happy we were able to utilize the space before it ended. I hope everyone enjoys this album as much as we do once it drops! Thank you for your support and encouragement!"

Note from Angel

"You can see every subject from two sides. That is what this project is to me. This is what happens when you give artists from two completely the same subject matter to speak about. Life is never one sided, it's always 2 Sides of A Coin. This also shows our passion. It shows the importance of a bar and importance of a flow. One of us focus mainly on bars, the punches, and the other focuses on the song structure and delivery. We push each other, always have. Two opposing sides came together to make a perfect circle. Us combined makes one PERFECT artist!"